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Mies Van Der Rohe - the Krefeld Villas
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With all of the attention Mies van der Rohe has received over the last few years, it´s hard to believe that there could be a pair of ´´undiscovered´´ buildings begging for even the slightest consideration--´´and receiving none. Such has been the fate, however, of Mies´s Krefeld Villas, a pair of neighboring brick residences of typically restrained elegance built from 1927 to 1930. Their anonymity is, to some degree, Mies´s own doing; in 1959, in his only public comment about the projects, he quipped that he would have preferred to use more glass, but the clients objected. ´´I had great trouble,´´ he said. As historians Kent Kleinman and Leslie van Duzer show in this carefully researched, eminently readable study, sometimes it´s best not to take the architect at his word. Here they guide us through the two villas, which were converted into a joined museum of contemporary art after World War II. Each chapter begins with a study of an artist who has created a site-specific installation within the villas. By analyzing how Yves Klein, Sol LeWitt, Richard Serra, and Ernst Caramelle chose to engage Mies´s architecture, they arrive at a truly original understanding of these two forgotten masterworks.

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